All Friemann & Wolf LiMnO2 batteries are now also available in antimagnetic versions

Büdingen, January 14th, 2010

Friemann & Wolf Batterietechnik GmbH, manufacturer of high-performance LiMnO2 primary batteries, is now offering all cells from its product range in antimagnetic versions.

This opens up opportunities for new civilian and military applications. For example, for the first time it is now possible to use these batteries in areas of healthcare where high magnetic fields currently prevent the deployment of standard batteries, such as near NMR/CAT – scanners.

The measured magnetic value of these new batteries is typically over 50 per cent lower than 5 nT (nano Tesla), which is defined as the maximum value for the magnetic signature (according to STANAG 2987).

The new antimagnetic cells are available in the sizes 2/3 sub-C to DD.