Friemann & Wolf batteries provide power to the ATV Jules Verne

Saft / Friemann & Wolf batteries support successful docking of the ATV Jules Verne with the International Space Station

Friemann & Wolf-brand Saft primary lithium and Saft rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries fulfill vital role in docking procedure on the mission of the 19.4-tonne ATV

April 3, 2008 – The Jules Verne ATV (automated transfer vehicle) has successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS). The ATV was developed for the European Space Agency (ESA) by EADS ASTRIUM Space Transportation as the prime contractor. It will deliver a consignment of propellants, food, water an scientific equipment and is the first European spacecraft to autonomously dock with the ISS.

The ATV is equipped with eight onboard primary and rechargeable batteries. Friemann & Wolf-brand Saft primary lithium batteries (Li-MnO2) provided power to the docking system and will also provide power for the separation from the ISS at the end of the mission. Prior to the docking, these batteries were maintaining the docking system and contributed to all the critical manoeuvres successfully tested during ATV demonstration days.

Having docked, the Saft Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries will supply the ATV with power during the 30 minutes of every 90 minute orbit when the vehicle´s solar panels are eclipsed by the earth´s shadow. The Ni-Cd batteries also played a vital role providing backup for the main solar power during the free flight phase, prior to docking.