Friemann & Wolf LiMnO2 batteries powers data logging system on stratosphere balloon

Büdingen, May 17th, 2010

Friemann & Wolf Batterietechnik GmbH powered the successfull MIPAS balloon campaign of the IMK-ASF (Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research in Karlsruhe, Germany) on its launch on 24. January 2010 in Kiruna, Sweden.

Particular focus of the activities of IMK-ASF is to investigate the complex links and feedbacks between climatic change, dynamics and transport, and atmospheric chemistry.

The IMK-ASF uses for the MIPAS balloon campaigns a parallel configuration of 10 powerfull MIRA batteries, each equipped with 10 Friemann & Wolf M24HR – DD cells in series, which enables an absolutely safe power supply at extremely low temperatures in the stratosphere.
The next MIPAS balloon campaign of IMK-ASF is planned for early 2011.

Please find more details about the MIPAS balloon campaign under the following links: